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Introducing the Children’s University model in the Middle East

Children as explorers, creative knowledge builders, and co-constructors of their learning

Welcome to the exciting world of Children's University learning


Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. We do this by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school. The impact of these activities is proven to be positive which is why we’re committed to creating a level playing field of opportunity and opening up access to children of all backgrounds.

Children’s University (CU)was introduced in Birmingham in the early 1990s. During the next decade a dozen or so Children’s University centers were started across England, Wales and Scotland, offering a variety of out-of-school hours learning experiences to children.

CU centers in UK
over 1000 centers with more than 110,000 children participating on annual basis

The CU model was introduced in Australia and China in 2016.

It is well documented:

  • The importance of extra-curricular activities on equipping children with the life skills they need.
  • Giving children from all backgrounds a greater opportunity to develop life skills can be an engine for opportunity and social mobility.
  • Children learn best when they are engaged and entertained.

Key outcomes we want for every child:

  • To inspire all children to be investigators and explorers through providing them with stimulating environments and nurturing inquisitive minds. 
  • To support children to develop self-confidence and become robust, independent learners who are constantly building on their previous learning experiences.  
  • To encourage a ‘can do’ attitude through in depth knowledge of the children and their needs. 
  • To help the children to learn the skills that they need to teach and learn from each other.
  • To promote perseverance for all children to identify with the benefit and not just the outcome of learning. 

Independent Assessments

Children who participate in Children’s University have the opportunity to learn in a rich range of contexts, experience new places, visit learning destinations and attend their own graduation ceremonies. This adventure introduces children to the joy of learning, brings a sense of wonder in the world around them and develops their confidence and aspirations for the brightest futures.

Independent assessments of Children’s University work confirm that not only do Children’s University participants attain more highly but that there is a positive correlation between the length of time children are involved with Children’s University activities and their performance in exams.

Essential life skills

Children’s University is a proud member of the Skills Builder partnership, committed to supporting essential skills development. All activities validated through Children’s University are linked to the Skills Builder framework so that children, parents and schools can reflect and build upon the skills being developed through participation.