8th month -2

Baby Babbles

Babbling is your baby’s way of practicing sounds and language. Babies usually start to babble around 7 or 8 months of age.

Babbling will help her learn to use her lips and tongue to make the sounds she hears you make. It may even seem like she’s trying to talk to you!

By responding to her babbles, you are helping her learn about language.

To help your baby practice language…

  • Talk using “parentese.” 
    That’s the high-pitched, sing-song voice that babies love.
  • Sing fun songs and take turns “talking.” 
    Get close so she can see your mouth moving.
  • Talk about what’s around you. 
    Point out interesting things you see and describe them to her.
  • Read books together. 
    It can help her learn about how words sound.

Did you know?

Cutting down on naps don’t help babies sleep better at night.

Without rest during the day, young children can get overtired. Being overtired can make it hard for your baby to get good sleep at night.

Try not to do naps too close to bedtime, and make your baby’s room comfortable for sleep by keeping it dark, cool, and quiet.

Q & A
Q: What are some fun activities I can do with my 8-month-old to encourage learning?

A: At this age, babies find simple activities fun and engaging. Here are some ideas you can try with your baby:

  • Read from books with large, colorful pictures. Point to the pictures and say what’s in them.
  • Continue playing games like Peek-a-Boo. You can try hiding your face with a blanket and letting your baby pull it off, or try showing your baby how to cover his or her own face with their hands.
  • Play hide and seek with a toy. Let your baby watch you hide a toy and then let him or her find it.
  • Sing songs that use your body.

Growing Emotions

As babies grow, they start to feel bigger emotions like joy, anger, excitement, fear, and frustration.

Your baby is counting on you to help him learn about his feelings.

By responding in a calm, soothing way, you’ll help him learn to soothe himself and respond to his growing emotions.

Baby Feelings and Faces

Babies really like faces. Especially the faces of the people they know best. Knowing your face will help your baby bond with you and know what you’re feeling.

Try putting together a mini-photo album of family pictures that your baby can look through! It’s fun for him to get to know the people in his life.

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