7th month -2

New Skills, New Emotions

As babies grow, they gain skills that allow them to move around and be more independent.

These new skills change the way that young children interact with the world, and can affect their emotions.

What you can do…

  • Make your home a safe place for your baby to explore so you don’t have to say “no” so often.
  • Explore with her when you can.
  • Try to be clear about what’s okay and not okay. Be as consistent as you can be.
  • Active babies want to explore their world, then come back to you when they are done. Be sure to stay close, so she knows where to find you when she needs you.

Play games often!

Games are a fun way to help your baby learn, discover new things, and bond with you. Some ideas for playtime:

  • Get out some pots, pans, and a spoon, sit on the floor, and bang them together! He can get to know how to make different sounds, and how loud or quiet he can make them.
  • Play Peek-a-boo and let him find you behind your hands.
  • Hide stuffed animals around his play area and watch him smile when the two of you find them together.

Health Tip

Choose foods for you and your baby that are fresh and unprocessed when possible. Packaged and processed foods are more likely to have been exposed to unhealthy chemicals than foods that are fresh and unprocessed. Let him choose the book! Reading together is a great way to bond with your baby. Giving him the freedom to choose what he wants to read will help him make positive memories about reading. By letting him lead the way with reading, you’ll help him have fun while learning the skills he needs to talk, read, and write in the future.

Q & A
Q: I know it’s important to make a special bond with my baby, but there’s so much to do each day. How can I bond with my baby during everyday tasks like feeding and diapering?

A: Everyday tasks, like changing diapers and feeding, can actually be great times to work on building that special bond with your baby. Here are a few ideas for those times:

  • During feeding time: Talk to your baby about what you’re going to do that day.
  • During bath time: Get out some squirty toys or make a washcloth into a puppet. Use a funny voice and make her smile.
  • During diaper changes: Try using a puppet or stuffed animal to get her attention. You can make it sing or give it a silly voice, and let your baby grab it. Try not to be embarrassed. Each time you connect with your baby, you’re helping build the bond between you.
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